Tell us your horror story

We want to hear your story in full. But we will only post a short excerpt without any personal identification on this website. We ask for your email/telephone number so we can remain in contact. But we won’t share it, except with Social Security as described below.

We can’t promise any “fixes” for your problem. But by giving us your story, we presume you will allow us to share it with Social Security at our discretion to try to help you – unless you tell us otherwise.

If someone from Social Security does get in contact, make sure it is not a scam. They will never ask you for your Social Security number! They will already know that, and more. if they do get in touch.

We feel your pain! These are truly Horror Stories. And only by aggregating them and posting them here can we keep the pressure on Congress, the Trustees, and the new Commissioner of Social Security to fix this monumental mess!

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