25 year old disabled man gets a letter from Social Security saying he was overpaid $747.60

My 25 year old disabled son, Matthew got a letter from social security saying he has been overpaid $747.60. The letter says the income on their records was wrong and that Social Security uses income from 2 months earlier to calculate his SSI payment. For example, they use income from January to figure the payment for March. As Matt’s guardian, I submit Matt’s income from his job at Portillo’s as a lobby cleaner every month on the social security app and I get a receipt mailed to me each month confirming my submission. I also got the same letter as Matt’s guardian, but my letter said if he doesn’t pay the amount back, as his guardian I would have to pay it back for him. This is not the first time Matt has gotten a letter like this. The last time, Social Security deducted the over payment from his monthly checks for six months.

Terry Says

This is just another example of the disgusting mess that exists at Social Security.  They prey upon the weakest among us.

We are doing everything possible to bring this to the attention of the  Congress.  Thank you for posting!