About to be homeless!

The year of 2009 I was awarded Disability being diagnosed with Epilepsy. The year 1993 the year of my High School graduation I experienced passing out all I remember was my friends picking me up off the floor and I was out of it. One my classmates had a broken water pipe that fell on my head and said that I was out. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on and only remembering our Graduation was the next day and wanted to walk across the stage . Becoming a college student, an athlete playing basketball and always working decent jobs. I couldn’t work anymore because of Gran mal seizures and Migraines. I never had this condition a day in my life and I had no understanding of what was happening to me. Battling depression because of the Jobs lost in regards to my health conditions my had taken a change.

I was receiving Disability for 7 years before being told that there was a mistake. An overpayment. I was told they had stopped funds I received for my children from my Disability . My oldest was in Highschool and my youngest was in 8th grade. Then my checks just stopped automatically in 2017 as well as my Medicare. I thought I was going to die .

Medicaid didn’t provide me with the service I was receiving from Medicare also lost all my physicians that where learning my body and studying my condition. My Therapist was dropped and couldn’t receive the proper service . Having to go to the Emergency room for my medicine because I didn’t have the proper service.My family and supported me living homeless life no finances to provide for me or my children and I never experienced this type.

After contacting Senator Tammy Duckworth office in regards to this issue. I was allowed to finally go before a Judge again but the Social Security office made me reapply for my case as if I wasn’t never received services before. I couldn’t find a lawyer to represent me so I represented myself and the Judge didn’t understand why I have a Lawyer. Showing the Judge that I had been fighting for my case since 2017 I was granted back to 2019.

Social Security never sent the Senator Duckworth office the information of the Overpayment of $37,000 plus a charge of $2,900 for Medicare. I called Medicare their records stated that my Medicare stopped 2017.

Social Security tried charging my son for the Overpayment once he stepped into college. I had to take up the charges he never had a Disability case I did. Be it that he had to apply for financial assistance for school I had to take that Bill and he wasn’t responsible for that. August of 2023 my payments were supposed to start I was only awarded 2 years to receive my Disability.

My checks are being garnished they claim I had a Business outside of the Country. I Never had a passport even to this day and know what Country they’re saying it’s in. I informed IRS and the State when I did try to work again homecare 4 hours 2 Days out the week. For my aunt that was living with me .

IRS said didn’t work enough days or Months. The State claim that I had a business license years ago but it was never opened or my license renewed. There’s a fee to keep a Business License and I didn’t follow up with it also this was working in 1998. But my Business License had never been renewed With the City of Chicago.

Mrs. Savage I have been literally battling these people with God on my side and family support. They are still stealing from me the office that I was receiving service from is closed for reconstruction the are there but go in we’re sent to a different place and told they don’t handle our case. What do I do?? Who can help me . I’m a step away from being homeless if asked to leave this house . Please I really need your assistance