After 25 Years In My Home I Received A Foreclosure Notice Because Social Security’s Overpayment Mistake.

On Monday November 20,2023 I received a foreclosure notice on my home because Social Security stopped my disability payment. In January 2023. Social Security said that I owed over $24,000.00.. I refinanced my home in March 2023 to pay the overpayment. Because I could not afford to have my income cut off until October 2023. They took my whole monthly check. At that time I took the check in to my local Social Security office in Charlotte Hall Md. The guy there took the check and gave me a receipt. He said my check would be reinstated the following month. Later that same day he called and said that by that time of them holding my checks I didn’t owe as much I only owed over $18,000.00 and told me to go back to my mortgage company and get a check for that amount. Because they would end up owing me over $3,000.00 and he would check with his supervisor to see if he could except it and call me back. I informed him that I didn’t know if that was possible. After not hearing from Social Security and the next month came and I didn’t receive my check. I went back to the office and he gave me the check back and told me to get another check. Said he had called me and I didn’t answer. Which is not true. They never answered my calls and one actually hung up a call from my daughter’s phone when he found out that it was me. He never called me. In April 2023 I took the new check back to Social Security the same person took the next check for over$18,000.00 and gave me a receipt and said my check would be reinstated the following month. I never received a receipt from the payment processing center at Social Security. The following month instead of my monthly check arriving. I received a letter from Social Security stating that I owed and additional overpayment for over $13,000.00 from years ago because they said that I was paid too much years ago. In the process of trying to straighten out this matter. I find out my payment was never turned in to the processing center. I contacted Social Security Civil Rights Office and Senator Chris Van Hollen’s Office. Now in November 2023, I’m being told that they held my check because my doctor should have been sent a request for my medical records to verify that I am still disabled. After a brief return to work for 9 months in 2020. Now, in November 2023 I still have not received my check and my mortgage is almost 3 months behind. In 45 days the mortgage company says they are foreclosing on my home if I don’t come up with my mortgage payments. I informed Social Security of the foreclosing notice and my Medicare is also getting cut off for no payment. I have run out of money They are supposed to expedite
my paperwork to get my payments reinstated and depending on their decision I will receive the over $18,000.00 and the amount of the monthly payments held from January 2023 to now and prayerfully they will waive the over 13,000.00 overpayment. This has truly been a nightmare I cry myself to sleep and wake up crying. My depression has increased my doctor had to double my medication. I’ve had to change numerous medications because I can’t afford it.