Almost homeless and much thinner

I received a letter from Social Security saying that I owed them $42,000. A couple of weeks later I received a letter that said I owed them 21,000.
When I attempted to find out why I owe them this money I received no response from the Social Security administration. I was told that I would not receive a check for 38 months and then the amount would be paid off and I could start receiving my social security benefits again.
I tried to appeal and was told that they do not take appeals because they are never repeat never granted.
I was able to negotiate a payback of $200 per month reducing my social security check to $1,300. I recently received a notice that my state was not going to pay my part b Medicare premiums so my social security check was soon be $11,050 or so.
Despite having several complicating medical issues I’m going to have to drop my part b Medicare. I will have no health coverage as I do not qualify for Medicaid in the state of Arkansas. I currently work although I’m 66 years old and quite disabled. I’m able to work 15 hours per week and will soon be homeless as this for not provide enough for food and shelter.
I find it highly unfair the Social Security arbitrarily assigns people pay back when I have never been overpaid. I have always reported all income to the Social Security Administration and now I live in fear that I will get a check that is not enough to cover my rent.
I have lost almost 40 pounds because I don’t have any money to buy food to eat. At times I’ve absolutely terrified and suicidal. How can I live this way in my own country where I was born? It’s my social security, I paid into it.
Please try to get Congress to listen, I have no idea why they decided I owed $42,000 been in a kindness of their heart I only owed $21,000 when in fact I cannot find out why I owe a penny.
Thank you for letting me write this at least I got my feelings out to someone who may pay attention.

Terry Says

We are now working with the highest levels of government, so please don’t give up.  This is truly a horror story.