Being setup to fail

Hello my Name is Donnece I came across your interview/Article on the CBS news regarding social security overpayment and wanted to share my own experience as a victim of this issue. Despite my efforts to find legal representation for the past three months, I have been turned down by every lawyer I have spoken with and have been left with nothing but well wishes. Additionally, when I attempted to request my file from Social Security, I was informed by the manager that I could only access my medical files and recent letters sent to me. This has left me feeling as though I am being set up to fail. Despite numerous attempts to request my file, I have been given the runaround and told that there are issues with the mail. Social Security claims that I owe $29,000 in overpayments dating back to 2014, and I am at a loss for what to do. I know that many others are facing similar challenges, and it is imperative that action is taken to address this issue. Upon reviewing The documents that are already have in hand it is clear that many individuals have been involved in my case. At this point, I truly don’t know what to do. Every appeal that I make they still find the way to say that I owe.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this message. My intention is to raise awareness about the prevalence of overpayment victims and to express my hope that a solution can be found to assist those who are already struggling with the challenges of daily life, rather than adding to their burden


Terry Says

Thank you for posting.  Sharing your story helps others understand they are not alone.  And it helps us pressure  Congress to fix these situations immediately.  I don’t think anyone has ever gathered all these stories together in one place so people in power can see the impact of this cruel and inept Social Security bureaucracy.

Here’s what we are aiming for — as fast as possible!

  1. Complete Moratorium on Clawbacks
  2. Reinstatement of all suspended benefits
  3. An independent hearing on EACH case before any demands or cuts
  4. An 18-month Statute of Limitations on Clawbacks

Sharing YOUR story helps us help others!  Thank you!


PS.  Here’s what Janet Yellen said when she was sworn in as Treasury Secretary.  Let’s hold her to her word!

“Economics isn’t just something you find in a textbook. It can be a potent tool to right past wrongs and improve people’s lives. That’s why so many of Treasury’s 84,000 public servants joined the Department. Today, I am proud to be one of them.”