Disability Clawback – their mistake!

As short as possible, I was on Disability and tried to go back to work.  I called SSA 3 different times to make sure everything I was doing was correct. After 2 years, I ended up not being able to work and went back on Disability.  A few years later, during the same exact week, I got a letter from SSA saying they overpaid me $30,000 and a letter from the IRS saying we owed them taxes and fees on that $30,000 in the amount of $30,000.  (That’s 100% taxation on SSA’s mistake because of the IRS late fees being nearly $20,000).  I went to my local congressman for help and in the end, they could do nothing except get SSA to admit that I had called 3 different times to make sure I was getting the correct amount.  SSA admitted their mistake to me and them.  We had to pay the IRS $30,000 while also having SSA withhold my disability until they had their $30,000.  It totally broke my family and we have no savings left after that.