Disabled 15+ yrs i was a nurse.

Social security stopped my check with a 6 day notice. I went 2 months without income. Received an overpayment letter demanding 28539.00 my disability check at current is only 1100.00 per month. I did receive 6 months of provisional payments after trying to contact them and stating i knew why the white house was stormed. I then got a call from secret service agent saying i was going to be arrested!
I have a mental disorder 🙃 and im ready to commit suicide. I have 0 income , live in NH and cant even get food. I just had cervical neck surgery in july which makes it difficult fir me to walk. This sucks! I had a car but had to give it up due to no income. Now what?

Terry Says

Please contact your state agency on Aging.  You can reach them at 603-271-7014

They will get you temporary assistance with shelter and food, and help you get your benefits.

And if you really feel suicidal, please dial  988 to receive immediate help.