Even my congressman can’t help

I am so frustrated I contacted my U.S. Rep’s office and have spoken numerous times to his representative. The manager at SS is not responding to them either. This is what I wrote to the representative.

“I received a notice from Social Security on 12/1/22 stating that my monthly benefit changed from $163.80 on November 2021. The letter then stated “that my monthly benefit was raised to $173.50 beginning December 2021 due to COLA increase. The letter then stated that my monthly benefit changed to $174.60 and the prior amount was incorrect. Then, the letter stated that my monthly benefit would be raised to $189.70 beginning in December 2022 due to the COLA increase. The next line said that they could not pay my regular benefit at this time. They are withholding all of my monthly benefits beginning December 2022 to recover an overpayment and past due medical insurance premiums.

They used $6.30 of my benefits to recover all of an overpayment on this record.” They then stated that I would receive $67.10 for June 2023 around July 26, 2023.” When I called Social Security they said they don’t understand the letter at all. As she looked further, she said I owed them $3343.90 for an overpayment that was made. When I questioned her…she had no idea. I went into the Social Security office in Mt. Prospect…4 1/2 hours later I spoke to a woman and she requested a breakdown for me. When I looked at my SS account online while talking to her…My overpayment was changed to $4333.50.

When I stated my concern, she said there was no one else I could speak to, she would request a breakdown….and hopefully I will hear back within 30 days. She gave me an appointment for January 9th and when I received the confirmation they said it was a phone appointment. I’m a little concerned that I will still not have any answers by then. She told me my premium for December will be $238.10 and I have a monthly benefit of $189.70…I  haven’t received any notice yet of what I owe. but I am also concerned that this needs to be paid in December. I would like a breakdown of where they got these numbers from and what I really owe. (I never received any correspondence stating that I owe this amount). ”

As of today, the woman at the SS office and the supervisor both said they couldn’t figure anything out and they would definitely get back to me. I have paid thousands of dollars to SS because I was worried that this would affect my Medicare. If I had listened to the SS representative, I would have paid another  4333.50 and been out that money too. I am extremely worried that I will receive another notice from them stating I owe more money when clearly I don’t owe anything…