Federal Contractor’s Committing SSI Fraud, Sr. Project Manager Salary is Ridiculously Low Not Paying Garnishment

My horror story is that my ex-husband of 19 years disappeared from sight after I filed divorce. He moved to Minnesota from Redding, Ca. He hid, said he was doing handyman work would send me tiny checks for $7, $10, etc. I knew he was lying but I could not find him.

A couple of years went by and a cousin of mine had gone looking for a job and was surprised to be interviewed by my ex, James D. Cairns. I was told where he was working and I served him for not paying settlement and alimony that he had been ordered to pay.

He had been making $70,000-$80,000 at the job that he lost due to 2009 recession where he had been a top foremen and best friend of George Whitmer.

George Whitmer had gotten a SBA loan to start a business due to the fact that his wife was an American Indian. Not long after he got the SBA loan, he had an affair with a secretary and divorced his wife. Within a couple of years, the company, just read American Indian not American Indian Woman, so he had used her to get the funding.

When caught and taken to court, James swore in court that he only made $2000.00 a month but I looked up Prevailing Wage Sr. Project Manager and their range of pay was over $100,000. I pointed that out to the judge and I said that the lowest position of laborer was $38 hr. The judge asked him if that was true, he said with benefits they , laborers made $62 an hr. The judge asks why would you work as the top manager for so little , he replied he liked his job and it was his best friends business.

I also found an advertisement about the apartments he was living in, they rented for around $1600. The judge says how do you pay for this, he says it is the company ‘s apartment and he is just living there. My father worked construction for years and I knew that there are prevailing wage laws and the fact that they were using SBA taxpayer’s money was wrong.

I have been fighting for justice since 6/12 fourteen years ago. I owned my own house from 23yrs old, had a business, had been married once before. I married him at age 35, was considered disabled at age 37 never collected SSI disability until my divorce. We had just built a brand new home 1 year before he announced out -of-the-blue he was done.

We owned a boat/trailer/ a Harley/Miata Sports car/A truck/ A 3 car- garage full of tools, a RV , scuba gear and more disappeared over a couple of days. I went into full blown depression and the phone rang off the hook from the creditors. I had absolutely no money to speak of. House went into foreclosure, he had disappeared.

I was screwed out of thousands of dollars for attorneys that did nothing but take my money. He did not pay his half of lawyer fees.

I got a garnishment against his company finally in 2014. The company did not pay garnishment. Even when my attorney took them to court to get his wages from Site Work Solutions, SBA Contractor of the YEAR 2014, they did not pay.

At this point , in February I have to renew the garnishment order as it will be 10 years since the company was served the garnishment order. They, at the wages that he was garnished for, owe me over $200,000, much more if he was working for true wage he was paid.

All SSI would need to do is look up his wages. I have sent all paperwork to OIG SSI, I have reported to SBA, California Labor Board, California Contractor Board. SSI notified me in March that they wanted me to come in about my ex’s wages. I was hoping that he had died that way, I would get the true amount but it was concerning his age of 62.

I went in for appointment hoping that it was good news, the lady told me I was going to be VERY happy , I asked how happy, she says REALLY HAPPY. She won’t tell me anything else, but that I could collect on his work history and get bigger payments ( I was getting 1100 a month). I say okay expecting hundreds of dollars more a month.

I receive $600 the first month, horrified I called them and said I don’t want to do this, they refused to change back to my disability. The 2nd month, I was given $75 a month more than I had been given before the change and learned that no matter what the new payment will never change even if he dies, its locked in.

I also learned that HUD was going to up $37 more a month of my rent. I am definetely NOT VERY HAPPY! With the government, with the court system, with the nervous breakdown I have to live in every single day. I would love to hear that this horror show is going to end, Hold them responsible for ruining people’s Life’s. PLEASE.