Help – Grandchildren Cut Off!

I hope I’m starting off correctly! FINALLY, someone wants to hear, and possibly help, with my horror story about overpayment (I’ve come to detest this word!)  by Social Security. I am a 62-year-old grmom, a widow for almost 2 yrs, and raising our 2 grkids who we adopted in 2011. They are now 15 and 17. I get disability, since 2018, and widows benefits. Kids get survivor benefits.  My husband made very good money, working on power plants, insulation, and sheet metal work during shutdowns.  But he fell in 2003, imploding his spinal cord. Was told he’d never walk again but him being the man he was he was taking baby steps on his 3rd day! After a stay in hospital then rehabilitation he applied for disability. In the meantime, he began getting his worker’s compensation. Got approved for disability so was getting paid from both.  

Things rocked on normally for years until somewhere about 2015 or 2016 (forgive me, my memory is not what it used to be). He received the letter stating he had been overpaid by Social Security. He made several calls to find out what the hell only to be given a run around. Finally, someone told him computer error, to forget about it. So we did. Whew! Then he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Had surgery. Couldn’t get it. He passed away in April 2021. At some point, I applied for our survivor’s benefits and was approved. Then it started again, letters about overpayments to kids. For what? Up until last week, nobody would answer that. She said he never told about his workers comp so his disability wasn’t figured with offset. We’ll be damn sure did! We took even more than was necessary papers and forms and info when he had his interview. They sent me a form to fill out for a waiver so no money has been held out yet… YET.  It got denied. But a couple or 3 months went by and I didn’t hear anything. Then another letter stating the next month they would be holding both kid’s checks… ALL of it! And they did! Each one of their checks is more than my 2 lil checks together. It sunk me. I had just gotten my credit cleaned up, my credit score was almost excellent, some money was saved, and yes we lived well. I ended up having to let my credit cards go to collections, with some judgments. Funny how these cards had a $350 spending limit but as of last month each one totals over $1,000 due to interest and Kate payments!! Makes my stomach turn. I got behind on everything. Going to food pantries (thank God for them). But I did it. We made it and still had our home (which got paid off in January!!) And our vehicles and food on the table. Then it happened again. March 3 I checked the bank.. this is our payday. Nope. Just my checks deposited, not kids. I called them. On hold for an hour only to have the person who answered tell me I called the wrong SS # and she hung up. Called another #, and after 20min on hold, this lady told me there was nothing she could do. The overpayment happened and they will hold kids checks 2 months a year.

 I told her I had set up payments a couple of weeks ago. (Forgot to mention that call! 😡) She said I did not. It’s not on the computer. Well, I damn sure did, $360 each kid every month. No ma’am, whole check, each. Said last papers I sent back with my receipts and spending showed that I’m not strapped. My bills aren’t that much. I was shocked. But but my lip cuz, after all, she has our future in her hands. Now I’m facing insurance lapsing, electric ($647!!) being shut off, have a car in the shop that I can’t fix now and don’t have any pennies to pinch. During all this, not only did I lose my hubby but my dad also passed away. My daughter got into some legal trouble, I was sunk in depression causing me to procrastinate to a fault. I had a heart attack. And now can’t afford the gas to go to a cardiologist for a check-up.
> Horror story? I think so… I can’t believe with the way prices are skyrocketing, SS 5hjnks it’s okay to withhold ALL of their monies! How is this legal? I don’t mind paying back if they prove I (kids) really owe it but they haven’t done that. I have to figure out something and fast!
> My apologies if this was too long!!