I don’t know if I have Medicare benifits because my retirement benifits are being held until 2026

Back in 2016 I was told I had and overpayment of over $80,000. They said this occurred because my manic depression illness was not considered to keep me from doing substantial work, and they were paying me disability from 2012. I even tried to take the commisioner of social security to court. Since no lawyer would take my case I had to defend my self.
When I reached retirement age I had been living without and income since 2016. When I became 66and 4months my retirement social security started. I thought I could start living on my own and not with my son and daughter in law.
My retirement checks started in Sept of 2022
Right after I got an inheritance from my mom.

I thought I had won my case, but then my retirement checks they told me are being held until 2026.

Since I need to have a steady income to show a land lord it stopped me from becoming independent.

So once again I reached out to social security. This time to request a 634 form saying I would pay them back if they would reduce the amount. This will take out of my inheritance but I would resume my benifits. It’s been three months since the request without a monthly benifits.

Terry Says

OK, we are posting your story, and now we know that top government officials are monitoring the stories on our website.  So we are really hopeful that your case will get some attention.

And if you are not getting a monthly SS benefit, it’s likely that you are not getting Part B of Medicare.  So please sign up for the Medicaid program in your state. (Your inheritance might make you ineligible — but don’t give that back to SS so quickly until you reach a WRITTEN deal.)  If your inheritance makes you ineligible, you can purchase Obamacare private insurance for a few months.

Go to Healthcare.gov to sign up for at least a basic program.  Do that immediately, because the open enrollment for Obamacare ends Jan 16th.