My Disabled Son was told he owes $20,000!

We watched you last night on 60 minutes and again this morning on WGN, and were outraged by the social security nightmare stories.

Not more than 10 minutes after the WGN story aired this morning, our housekeeper arrived and proceeded to tell us that her disabled adult son received a letter asking for $20,000 back! He works part-time at Jewel and it appears as if his hours during COVID caused this. Her family doesn’t even have $5000 extra, let alone $20,000.

Please help us help her. I will contact our legislators but, as you know, 30 days will be here before we know it.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Terry Says

We are trying to get Congress to act IMMEDIATELY to stop these horror stories!

Thank you for posting.  Sharing your story helps others understand they are not alone.  And it helps us pressure the Congress to fix these situations immediately.  I don’t think anyone has ever gathered all these stories together in one place so people in power can see the impact of this cruel and inept Social Security bureaucracy.

Here’s what we are aiming for — as fast as possible!

  1. Complete Moratorium on Clawbacks
  2. Reinstatement of all suspended benefits
  3. An independent hearing on EACH case before any demands or cuts
  4. An 18-month Statute of Limitations on Clawbacks

Sharing YOUR story helps us help others!  Thank you!