My Husband died and now they want his last check back because he didn’t die on the 1st!

I was payee for my Husband of 40yrs because he was in a care home. He died in 21 and it was bad enough I had to deal with his death only for Social security to demand his last payment back! Had he died on the 1st I wouldn’t be in this situation! They took 500 from my direct express account without my knowledge!

But now they claim they never took the 500 and I got to pay all of it back! I signed a waiver but they still demanded I pay it back when I barely survive on what I get! They bullied and threatened me into signing a payment agreement.

Social security is mean and vindictive also. I am paying 33 a check for the next three years! I barely make it as it is. They have no regard for the poor. They are pure evil. My advice to others who are payees don’t do it! You may be stuck with a debt you can’t pay.