Not sure if I have a horror story!!

I worked 40 years, contributing to SS. Dead, ex-husband was a college teacher but also had several of his own businesses. When he passed I contacted SS and they increased my monthly payment by around $300 saying I was now getting his SS. I never married again, but he did, several times. Here is my question: Should I be getting his death benefit as well as my retirement? I have read your newest book and am somewhat concerned to bring this up to SS in fear of opening a can of worms. Thanks for your work on this messy subject.

Terry Says

You get the HIGHER of either your own work benefit, or his benefit now that he is deceased.  That presumes you were married to him for at least 10 years, and as you stated, you have not remarried.  (And yes, his other wives can ALSO collect on his account, if they meet the above criteria!).

I strongly suggest you go to and input your information to make sure you are getting the correct and highest benefit you deserve. Don’t count on SS to give you the correct amount!