Overpayed in October 2023 $636.50

I received a letter at the end of October, 2023 staying I was over paid even though I turned in my check stubs August 2023 (I work part time, 11.5 hours a week). I am 65, and disabled. I haven’t received a letter yet stating when I need to start paying that back. The letter stated I had too much in resources (SSI, $2000), for October. I Had $527 in savings too much. I had to use that money to pay down several credit card bills, close the savings account now I have none, but SSI has been restored but no savings for emergency, ( I have $57) in savings, That is awful. Nothing for Rainey day, I get $914 per month and am a disabled senior. I have COPD, hieda hernia, Latent 1 TB infection, MCI.

Ray W