Pay $3,800 or Else

For a few years, I worked for a state of Illinois agency with its own retirement system. During that time, I did not pay into Social Security. When I retired, my Social Security benefits were calculated using ONLY the wages I was paid in non-state jobs where Social Security WAS deducted. Despite that, Social Security claimed my state benefits MAY have qualified as a Windfall, which meant I owned Social Security $3,800. Pay it, I was told, or we’ll stop your benefits. So I paid the $3,800, because I was warned that once benefits are cut off, it can take many months or even years to get them reinstated. I asked that Social Security show me the math used to calculate my alleged overpayment. They did not respond. I appealed the decision several months ago. Again, no response. If the appeal is rejected, I will demand a hearing before an administrative law judge. I have been warned that process will take a least a year AFTER the appeals process. Meanwhile, I have been forced to pay $3,800 without Social Security proving that the money was really owed.

Terry Says

Please read our book — Social Security Horror Stories. It’s available on Amazon.  Not trying to sell books, but to explain to you the WEP — windfall elimination provision that reduces your SS by a portion of your public employee benefits.  But did they calculate correctly?  Who knows.

Also try Larry’s $39 calculator at Calculate Your Highest Benefits | Maximize My Social Security

That will at least let you know if the reduction was correct!