Payback — already paid their demands

I believe my sister emailed you my story, but here it is in my own words. I was on disability for many years due to my having epilepsy. I finally was able to go the required period without a seizure and tried to get back on my feet. As soon as I was able to get a job I notified SS . They continued sending the money despite my multiple times of telling them to stop. They said the only way to stop the automatic deposits was to close the checking account and open a new one. They told me I didn’t owe anything to them over and over. Sure enough, at least 5 years later they came after me for $5000 +. They threatened to garnish my pay until it was paid off. I was barely making enough money to survive.I paid them back $30 a month until it was paid off. I requested a letter saying it was paid off and never received anything. I could really use that money now. Thank you for listening.

Terry Says

Ugh — another horror story.  We are pushing Congress to act.  And sad stories like yours are our ammunition to get them to hurry!  Thank you for writing in.