Raising Autism Against SS Bullies

Raising a 37 yr old son with Autism w/ Psychosis. Social Security pulled the rug during COVID. It was a suddenly and a soccer punch. I fought back at our local Peru IL office. I asked questions and refused their ignorance. The amount came to 49,900.00 over a 20 year span. Christopher was approved for benefits at 17 yrs of age after waiting a full ten years for approval. It was inconceivable to me that he was over paid because has the inability to be independent and he could support himself in the work force. I was denied a waiver. I was denied an appeal. I had to fight back not only in our local office of SS but they then threw it to the Head Office. So now we get silence. They won’t give me answers, they won’t give an appeal date, and it’s like sitting on a silent bomb.
My son, for the first time has been able to work. He picks food at Walmart for orders making 16.00 an hour. Now he has no insurance since Medicare was taken away.
I have to use my SS benefits to pay his rent. I do not see any day in the future where living with inflation won’t suck us under. SS took 1600.00 a month benefit away without warning and now it’s a mad scramble. Pay rent, his meds, the utilities, or buy food.
This has changed life.

Terry Says

Oh, how terrible.  We are hoping to get Congress to act — and to deal with the stories our readers post here!  We are keeping your info and will pass it on if we get an opening to do so!