Screwed by 2 government agencies

I was hurt at my job in 2006 I suffered an back injury working for Department of Homeland Security ( TSA). Fast forward in 2016 I was let go from my job because I couldn’t perform the job duties I was trained for, I applied for social security disability and was approved in 2017 or 2018. I was also collecting workers compensation I gave the agent all of my check subs and earrings.

I was told they estimated my income but they didn’t need to estimate when I had given them my earrings. So social security mis- calculated I was also told my son would get benefits because he was my dependent and we would receive a lump sum.

We got the lump sum of $10,000 and then months later was told it was an overpayment and I had to re-pay it. I applied for waivers, 2 X’s was denied took it to the next level but haven’t heard anything yet. I was also told some cases will be waived if it was around COVID-19 area.

I don’t think we should pay for their mistakes especially if they are estimating I’ve had to move several times because at one point I wasn’t receiving money they stopped my son check and cut my check. I’m glad you are doing this story to expose the agency, some people are to old can’t fight or disabled.