Social security overpayment

I received 3 letters from social security about an overpayment of 6,800.00. I requested a waiver and reconsider of the overpayment. Well they sent me a letter saying they were going to take my 682.00 until next year until this overpayment is paid.

I asked who’s gonna pay my medical that I work hard to get. They told me to get one medicade to pay my medical insurance. I said I’m not eligible for Medicare. Then I was told they were going to take 190.00 dollars to repay the overpayment that they are sure I owe. So, I would then get 300.00 dollars.

They would take 170.00 dollars for my insurance and the difference is what I would receive to live on.

How cruel they don’t care how a senior lives. It’s my right to get all my social security. I am 73, who can live on this. I have various illness and on a lot of medicine. How do I take care of myself to live. I can’t afford to pay for a overpayment they calculate.
Please help me. Talking to social security is horrible.