Social Security Took Me Off My Social Security Disability Benefits After I Start Receiving It Since Year 2010

I start receiving Social Security Disability Benefits & Medical after a Spine/Back Injury due to a fall. I did a short time of physical therapy, and was cleared to do only part time/temporary work, with no more than 30 hours a week. Which I did that type of work with a Labor Ready Temp Jobs, on a part time basis. I always kept Social Security of my hours and income for all those years. But in Aug. 11th, 2016, I had a Major Broken-Crushed Left Ankle injury on a construction site, where I had 6 different surgeries to re-attach my ankle to my leg, and suffered through Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy for some 3 years until I was able to just be able to walk on my foot again, Social Security was notified of the accident, and that it was a Workers Comp incident, And that Work Comp was handling all my medical bills, doctors and hospital surgeries, and all other therapies until doctor finally cleared me from all treatments with him. I Also received a small Work Comp
Total Settlement amount of $56,490.00, for with my Kansas WC Attorney received $32,000.00 of that settlement. I notified Social Security as of July 2019 of my check from Work Comp, and they said I still would keep receiving my Social Security Disability. But in Feb. 2023, They stopped all my Social Security Benefits and Medicare Benefits to me for Overpayment. After many months of letters of communication to the local Social Security Office at 850 Nebraska Ave. Kansas City, KS. 66101, and asking my Case Worker Ms. Howard, Why I was discontinued off my Social Security Benefits, the only response I got was that I was overpaid by Social Security and I owe them $43,525.60 for this overpayment. I have mailed them letters telling them I am I Am Still Disabled with this Ankle Injury, and can’t work a full time job, and I surly Can’t pay back $43,000.00 to them, but they don’t care. They said they want their money back. I now had to find a part time job to just be able to pay them $25.00 a month, just to keep them from taking money from my bank account. I don’t know what else to do. If they knew they were over paying me all this time, Why Didn’t they check and be sure of that? And Why have they taken All my Social Security Disability Benefits? Why are they taking all my $1,490.00 a month? Why can’t they take $400 or $500 dollars back from my monthly check as repayment if I owe them this money. I don’t get why they did this to me when I am still Legally Disabled. Thanks for Listening to my story.