Son’s Death, SSI taken twice.

Your latest news piece stuck a raw nerve with us.
Here’s another “can’t believe it”.
My wife had a son on SSI basically from birth.
In 2020 her son, Billy, past away at age 47.
Since he was on SSI, SSA immediately upon death they took all the money from his card. $989.33. We understood that and accepted it.
A few months later my wife started getting letters from Social Security stating they did not get the money from Billy’s account. Eventually she got a letter SSA was going to take $989.83 from her SSA to satisfy the
debt from Billy. SSA did just that. They took $989.33 from her.
She called, I wrote letters. Did no good. One woman at Direct Deposit said Billy’s money is at the Department of Treasury. We filed Forms with SSA, on and on. A waste of time.

In essense, SSA, or Direct Deposit double dipped taking Billy’s SSI check and then my wife’s SSA retirement check too. Citizens get prison time for double dipping.
Now 3 years later, my wife has not received the money SSA took illegally!

There’s our story if you need to report we are one of many maligned by our government.