Taking money away from my disabled adult child

I live in Rhode Island I have a disabled daughter who has Autism as well as some mental health issues BPD borderline personality disorder I am on my second notice she received her first notice I believe a few years back saying due to my income she was overpaid which I took responsibility for because I did not get my pay stubs in in time.

I had the overpayment paid almost completely off when this year I was sent out another letter stating the overpaid her again in 2018 right before she turned 18 where my income was no longer be counted anymore because she was no longer going to be a child anymore.

At this time I was faithful putting my income in because I used the new SSI app I don’t know how the overpayment happen, but it happened now she is 20 years old and they take over 90 dollars a month from her check every month which forces her to live on 848.00 dollars a month

I worry about this now that she is an adult and she will not be able to survive and they keep doing this to her I received the notice in 2022 with an overpayment in 2018 I never agreed with this but have no time to fight and argue with these paperwork and appeals so I am forced to give her money out of my budget which is not right so when I found this article I needed to tell our story on how these overpayment policies are ridiculous these people like my daughter are living on bare minimum wage unlivable wages and on top have to worry about paying back overpayments from years ago this is an outrage and should be reviewed and possibly stopped thank you for looking into this sincerely Melanie