They counted my stimulus checks and stopped my SSI! Clawing back!

Per:Social Security.. I owe Close to 19,000. They said I was ineligible for Social security for 2 years . I was ineligible , because I had to much money in the bank.. even if it was $1. Over $2000. The reason I had money in the bank , it was all my stimulus checks. I saved most of the money.. I planned to move back to CA..and I would need the money to restart my life back home in CA. The letter stated that my SSI checks would be $134.34 less each month eff. December 2023.. I am 71 years old and disabled..

Terry Says

Oh that’s just WRONG on the part of the person at SS!  It was stated clearly that those stimulus checks would NOT impact SSI eligibility.  And I don’t know how to get your benefits reinstated except by demanding an appeal based on the below  information.  But we are posting these stories and hope to get Congressional action on them!

Read this:  Do COVID-19 Stimulus Checks Affect SSI Benefits? (


Under Social Security Administration (SSA) policy, the $3,200 delivered to most Americans as part of the three economic-relief packages Congress approved during the coronavirus pandemic should not factor into eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The SSA announced in August 2021 that pandemic-related economic impact payments, popularly known as stimulus checks, would not be counted as income in determining eligibility or calculating benefit amounts for SSI. It has also said the stimulus payments would not count against limits on financial assets such as savings accounts for SSI recipients.