Waiting for over a year for reinstatement ; then getting a letter that I owe them money?!

Due to multiple chronic illnesses , I have been on Social Security Disability most of my adult life. In Pandemic year 2020. I actually felt well enough to give going back to work a try.

That lasted until 08/2021, when I started flaring again, by 10/2021 I was no longer able to work full time. Then came the application process, which I did wrong ; no agents felt the need to tell me this; until about eight months later when an agent closer to my home (not over an hour away) looked into my application and was kind enough to tell me I did the wrong application. Goodness! Then came another very long wait. During this wait time (now well over a year)I have almost lost my house , am on the verge of losing it again right now.

Thanks to a very kind woman in my US Congressman’s office she got to the bottom of my decision and called me to tell me I was approved for reinstatement (she called last Tuesday). It is now Saturday and no word from Social Security; although my mortgage comapny is sending me letter after letter letting me know I have misse payments, they don’t want to foreclose on me etc.

I have called Social Security (more times than I can count and let’s not even talk about the wait times). I have faxed them , will be faxing them again on Monday.

OH! and the real kicker ! a letter from them telling me I owe almost $13,000.00 in disability overpayments! What??!! are you kidding me? I am about to lose my house and they want me to pay them ?

I cannot even wrap my head around this government department. I am broke, broke, broke and they want me to pay them? let’s not even mention the stress of waiting for a decision causing my illness to flare more.

What the heck Social Security? what the heck?