Widowed Broke Mom Clawed back for long ago payments to late husband

My husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past February. He was our main financial provider. We have a teenage son. I filed for survivor benefits. I finally got an interview in June which I was told I would be getting a check until my son turned 16 and he would get a check until high school graduation.

I didn’t receive anything until August I received two letters stating they took all the back pay from the time of his death until August for a debt my husband owed due to an over payment on Social Security’s side when he was younger.

I was solely taking care of my son and I financially and it was a struggle and still is. I received payments in September and October but then I received two more letters. The first one was telling my I will no longer receive payments because my son turned 16 in October. The second letter stated they were taking all of my sons payments to pay back the debt my husband owed.

I can’t afford for them to take all the money. My son and I are financially struggling now due to this. When I called and asked them why are they doing this the lady on the other end of the phone basically said the law says they can take the money so they are.

I recently went to my local office and filled out a form to try and get the amount they take lowered but have not heard back on it yet. They said it can take 30-60 days. Christmas is coming and I don’t even know how I’m going to provide presents for my son. It’s been a struggle and I don’t even know how I will be able to cover rent. I know God will provide for us but I just don’t understand how they messed up in overpaying my husband and now my son and I have to pay for it.


A struggling Mama

Terry Says

This is one of the most horrible stories we have heard — but not unexpected.

We are working to get your story heard by Congress.  Wish we could do more immediately!