social security in the news

What’s the latest news about Social Security? We will keep you updated here. From politics to COLAs, Social Security makes headlines. We hope future headlines will include stories about reforms to the current clawback mess!

Exclusive: Social Security Chief Vows to Fix ‘Cruel-Hearted’ Overpayment Clawbacks
The Social Security Administration’s new chief is promising to overhaul the agency’s system of clawing back billions of dollars it claims was wrongly sent to beneficiaries, saying it “just doesn’t seem right or fair.”
When Social Security Becomes a Debt Collector
Every year, the agency tries to claw back billions in overpaid benefits — including from children who are unaware their parents collected money on their behalf.
Social Security Starving People to Death!
Larry places the blame directly on Congress in this Forbes column.
Congress is Starting to Pay Attention
Hearing takes SS acting commissioner to task for clawbacks.
12 New Ways to Qualify for Social Security Disability
Personal finance expert John Wasik shares updates on claiming disability benefits.
7 Huge Social Security Changes that are on the Table
Details of a new Social Security reform bill, HR-4583, that was recently introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives. Politics will obviously intervene, but here’s an idea of what’s up for consideration.
View from the Administration: Raising the Cap?
An updated view of how likely it is that this administration will move to raise the $400,000 income cap on FICA -- and create a “donut hole” as part of a transition.
The CNBC Take on Social Security Reform
Controversial, yes. Inevitable – perhaps. Stay abreast of Social Security reform proposals.
Update: 2024 Cost of Living Adjustment
Each Year Social Security bases the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on changes in the Consumer Price Index.