Avoid Social Security Clawbacks and Its Scams!

Avoid Social Security Clawbacks and Its Scams!

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Social Security, our nation’s beloved institution, has an extremely dark and dangerous side. It determines and pays out benefits only to claw them back years or decades later, because of its own mistakes. Social Security is in the process of clawing back $21.6 BILLION! Click to Read More


Larry and Terry thank the new Social Security Commissioner for making major changes in clawback policy.

As you’ll see in the columns and podcasts linked in the center, the Agency will no longer demand ALL your benefit in a clawback. Instead, they will take at most 10% of your monthly benefit for repayment.  And, the burden of proof of the clawback demand now falls on the agency, not the beneficiary!

Now, it’s time for you to act.  Click on the top article for instructions!

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The Clawback demands range from $100 to over $100,000. Clawback victims can be the elderly living solely on Social Security, retired schoolteachers, or 5 year-old orphans collecting survivor benefits.

The clawback notices all carry the threat that benefits will be stopped immediately if a repayment plan is not set. But clawbacks are just part of the system’s hidden malevolence. The system is running a series of scams, many targeted at women, and all costing recipients a small fortune in benefits they deserve.

Yes, this book is scary. But it also conveys simple ways to protect yourself from clawbacks and scams by what may be the cruelest bureaucracy in the world. And we share our plans to pressure Social Security into becoming the system we love, not the one we must fear.